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RE: PC: List demographics/PCHS

As for Me,

I'm 21 and I have to say my interest in PC comes from my interest in 
Passenger Trains.  I also think because when I was younger I would spot the 
occasional PC pic or even a piece of equipment and for some reason, the 
whole name, colour, etc. lured me in.

However, I was not that interested until I saw "The Ice Storm" and the 
scenes with the PC equipment sparked my interest right back up to what it 
used to be.


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Chris said:
<<<So there's a little about me, and my interest in the PC. Next...>>>

yea...yea, alright.  :~)

I am 26 and lived as a child along the Bethelehem Branch of the Reading
during the transition and moved away in 1980.

I remember seeing the hodge-podge of "stuff" traversing the branch on
the ore drags to Beth steel.

I do have a spark for the PC, I remember the days of ignoring those ugly
black engines and hoping for colorful RDG,EL stuff.
Now, I spray bomb engines black!

It was a different era, a different time than today. I guess that is our
allure here...    ehhh?


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