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PC: Penn Central Steam Locos-1972 Walthers Catalog

Chris wrote:

>> Was going through some of my dad's stuff today, and came across a 1972
>>Walther's Decal Catalogue, there is a lovely drawing of a lovely 4-6-4
>>in PC paint!

>>If you have the February, 1971 issue of Model Railroader, it is
>>supposed to appear in the letter's to the editor. However, I do not have
>>that issue, so I can't guarantee that.

Fred Rea (Dad) wrote in response:

Pulled the Feb 71 MR. Immediately remembered the Walthers letter and the
PC steam drawing.  It is a full page letter article.  Not a letter to the

I remember my dad citing this article as an example of how he hated
arbitrary paint jobs put on models.  The thing that gets me are the number
of jade green Tyco PC F7s that sell on eBay for big bucks and nice models go
for not much money.

Garrett Rea

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