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PC: Walthers Catalogue

Hey Gang,
	Was going through some of my dad's stuff today, and came across a 1972
Walther's Decal Catalogue, and found something of PC interest on page 9
(for those of you who may also have the afforementioned). It's an
article  on what-if's. It was about products that weren't prototypical.
Case in point PC steam. And there is a lovely drawing of a lovely 4-6-4
(Hudson, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong...18 years on this planet
left me a little short of the steam era, so I'm not quite as sharp as I
am with diesels), in PC paint! It's an interesting article, and if
anyone would like a photocopy, e-mail me off list, and I'll get one to
you! Have a good weekend!

Christopher J. May
csa4ever -AT- ameritech.net
CopCarSS -AT- yahoo.com

P.S. If you have the February, 1971 issue of Model Railroader, it is
supposed to appear in the letter's to the editor. However, I do not have
that issue, so I can't guarantee that.

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