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PC: Re: Re: PC Lettering


>   I believe it may be a combination of both.   I do have a couple
>PC worm logo stickers.   One I know is for locos (small emblem).  The other
>(black worm) was probably for passenger.   My guess is full repaints on
>locos were paint....

Hard telling- one of the passenger cars in The Last Detail (the shot where
the GG1 startles Jack as comes up behind him)  has the worms fairly faded
off, so they were obviously paint.  Ex PRR/PC dining car here at the TC
musuem you can see the rivets for the panels.  Cool to have those stickers,
where did you find them?

>   On another note, I've kept my mouth shut till now, (the list is slow
>anyway)   but I continuously hear of how things are not going well on
>Conrail routes.   Everything I hear
>now suggests failure, mostly NS!

Any merger has problems at first, give them some time before we predict
failure, come on it has not even been a month and a half yet!


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