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PC: Re: PC Lettering

Garrett writes:

 if I remember correctly, the keystones and
>last of the lettering on the PRR units were Scotch press-on, right?  Was PC
>like this or was the lettering actually painted on?

   I believe it may be a combination of both.   I do have a couple authentic
PC worm logo stickers.   One I know is for locos (small emblem).  The other
(black worm) was probably for passenger.   My guess is full repaints on
locos were paint.   The stickers may be from the Moore era of "Penn
Centralizing" everything to stop the red vs green battles.
   On another note, I've kept my mouth shut till now, (the list is slow
anyway)   but I continuously hear of how things are not going well on former
Conrail routes.   This is a PC site, but Conrail was essentually the
reorganized PC that was proposed in 1973? but rejected!  Yes, PC could have
survived (granted reforms) and Conrail was a success.   Everything I hear
now suggests failure, mostly NS!
   Hope they get their act together quickly!   Piss off the customer and
they go elsewhere.   Working most of my life for a major northeast retailer
which just went out of business, I know first hand the power of the
   I always ignored Conrail for "taking" PC, now I miss it!   Hope this is
not another UP!


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