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PC: Re: Wake up

This reminds me.  A nearby junkyard has an old 66-ish Chevy stepside
pickup.  Color is a flat dark green.  The vent window has an inside-mount
NYC oval decal on it...   Does anyone know if this was an official RR
marking or just a fan or employee stick-on?  decal was only maybe 3-4
inches across, fit the bottom of the vent window just right.

Truck itself looks to be in original paint from what I recall, no traces of
MOW yellow or anything like that -

Bill K.

> A while back I saw a NICE set of the NYC system stickers that were about
> foot tall and foot and one half long.  I wanted to get a pair as in the
> future I would like to get an old Chevy pick-up from the 1960's to haul
> stuff in.  Seeing as the most common color for these old trucks is jade
> green, put one logo on each door, then get a spotlight, CB radio antenna
> an old toolbox for the back.....

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