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PC: Re: Illinois RR Museum Diesel event?

>What's this Diesel thing all about.  It's not far to go for me. Might be
>interested along with a couple of others.

Ken et al:

I do not know.  I pulled up the website for IRM and my father contacted them
and got a brochure and it says it is "diesel only" that weekend and they
drag out a bunch of their diesels.  This is great for me, poor for dad, he
is the steam man.  I have been to Chicago the past three summers and have
not made it to the museum yet, so I decided it was time to go. I would have
gone to any weekend excluding "Thomas the Tank Engine" weekend even though
my love of British trains is close to that of the good ol' PC.

For info : http://www.irm.org/schedule/index.html

Dad's and my plan is Des Plaines Hobbies Friday after work for me (he is
driving from Ohio) and then IRM on Saturday.  We will be leaving Schiller
Park Sat am for the museum.  Sunday is horse day, no trains :-(

If anyone wants to meet up, Friday or Saturday e-mail me prior to this
Wednesday at noon.

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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