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PC: PC Bankruptcy Letters

About 4 years ago while attending school at Niagara University, one of my 
classmates had the opportunity to get us a tour of the Buffalo Central 
Terminal.  Of course at the time, the terminal was boarded up, but my 
classmate's friend worked for the leasing company who owned the building.

In any event, despite being in such a sad state of disarray.  The building 
does have its potential.  Of course renovation and refurbishment would be 
in the millions.  We went into every portion of the terminal except the 
platforms since Conrail took it upon themselves to knock down the bridge 
between the main terminal and the platforms.  And, the basement.  The 
basement is so dark many flashlights would be required to see, not to 
mention a good part of it is flooded with water.

Now the exciting part, two of the upper floors of the tower attached to the 
terminal, I belive floors 4 & & are covered with paper. You can't even see 
the tile.  Amongst this mess I found a photocopy of the Bankruptcy letter 
that was sent to Shippers as well as Employees of the company.  It is dated 
for June, the day of the Bankruptcy and is signed by the President of the 
Company of the time.  I can't remember his name other than that he replaced 

If anyone would like a photocopy of these letters please let me know.  I 
just recently found them buried in my file cabinet, so they were lost, 
found, lost and found again!


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