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Re: PC: RE: Wake Up

   Since we are talking about "Penn-Central-izing" in peoples homes, I 
thought I would put in my ideas.  Like Gene, I have a full PC layout in the 
basement, although mine is in N-Scale.  All the units (60+) have been 
personally painted and detailed... often involving much kit-bashing (when 
was the last time you saw an N-Scale C-430?)  The single decoration and 
point of interest I have in the basement is a large aluminum nameplate with 
logo off a PC Flexi-Van.  I do have a NYC Flexi-Van nameplate as well... but 
it stays tucked away.
   The only other incident involves my car.  Last year, I bought a '99 Monte 
Carlo... color: Black.  On the square cover for the after-market trailer 
hitch, I made a PC logo... I really didn't want to put numbers on the side 
of the doors (cab?)

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