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Re: PC: Wake Up

> Recently I noticed the PC list has been a little slow.  I remember a time 
> when I'd check my mail and find 10's of PC messages, but now its like a 
> ghost town.  

It's summertime! There's more to do this time of year that work on the

> If we look at the recent surge 
> in Canadian rail operations with the CN/IC merger and new Sunbury Line its 
> no wonder that the DandH list is surging.  

Yes, but there's a difference--the D&H is still around (sort of). :-) We're
talking about a railroad that disappeared 23 years ago. 

> If we don't start posting we might follow the fate of the PC and be merged 
> into something like Conlist.  

Nope, won't happen, as long as my mail server doesn't die and I'm still alive.
Besides, we're actually doing pretty well--we have 167 subscribers as of this
morning. Plenty of interest--although as with any list, usually only about
10% of the listers do 90% of the talking.

> Now I know that government regulation has 
> banned the more popular strings (tresspassing, things I stole/salvaged, 
> testing), but we can pull through. 

I'm going to pretend that this isn't a slam against the role and past
actions of the listmaster.....

>   About a year ago I asked if any list members were so into that they 
> painted parts of their house Deepwater green.  Well in the year since I 
> first asked this has anyone gone all the way?  Have you painted your car PC 
> black?  Do you PC lettering on your mailbox?  Basically have you turned 
> anything in your everyday life into a visible monument to the PC?

I have plenty of PC memorabilia in my back room of my house. There's
timetables, maps, books, paperweights, etc, that I have around. Hopefully in
the next couple months I'll have a 12" scale PRR position light for the yard.
I even have an artifact on my wall from the recent "un-merging" of the PC--an
"NYC" sticker that Conrail was using to reletter cars for CSX.....

I actually bought new numbers to reletter my mailbox, but they're not PC-style.
I wouldn't mind finding someplace that sells PRR or PC emblem stickers that I
could put on the mailbox, so long as they could survive the weather and the
snowplows.... Anyone know of someone who makes those?


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