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PC: Wake Up

Recently I noticed the PC list has been a little slow.  I remember a time 
when I'd check my mail and find 10's of PC messages, but now its like a 
ghost town.  Inversely the DandH list couldn't see more traffic.  When I 
first joined the DandH it didn't get more than a couple messages a week.  
Now don't feel bad.  From what I can tell all the Northeast Railroad mailing 
lists have taken a hit.  Reading Talk, Lehigh Valley, they are all down.  
Even the once mighty Conrail-Talk boad can disappear for days at a time.  I 
think that the Conrail split up with its new traffic patterns, tie-ups and 
gridlock has affected Northeastern e-mail lists as well.  My theory is that 
the debackle in the NE has depressed and confused railfans.  If the trains 
aren't running what is there to talk about.  If we look at the recent surge 
in Canadian rail operations with the CN/IC merger and new Sunbury Line its 
no wonder that the DandH list is surging.  If things keep trending downward 
the survival of independant NE e-mail lists will be called into question.  
If we don't start posting we might follow the fate of the PC and be merged 
into something like Conlist.  Now I know that government regulation has 
banned the more popular strings (tresspassing, things I stole/salvaged, 
testing), but we can pull through.  I plan to help by recycling old strings. 
  About a year ago I asked if any list members were so into that they 
painted parts of their house Deepwater green.  Well in the year since I 
first asked this has anyone gone all the way?  Have you painted your car PC 
black?  Do you PC lettering on your mailbox?  Basically have you turned 
anything in your everyday life into a visible monument to the PC?

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