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Re: PC: Passenger Train models

In a message dated 7/6/99 11:24:26 PM EST, ngjourin -AT- netgate.net writes:

> of course there is the Kato PRR Armour Yellow 
>  "Tippecanoe Rapids" sleeping car which I bought at a show just in case it 
>  was prototypical (for those not in the know it is very hard to find a 
>  retailer that will break a set and sell you a Kato car individually),

As far as I know, Kato is only doing "prototypical" paint schemes, so this 
car did probably exist.  The actual model of the car may not be 100%.  I went 
in with some other people on an N scale list so I could get the two Wabash 
cars, they split the rest.  These cars are individually boxed which made it 


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