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RE: PC: Passenger Train models

	Speaking of models there are a lot of NYC two-tone gray streamlined cars 
available in N gauge.  My questions is this: Did this scheme make it into 
early Penn Central?  I model PC from '68 to '71 and have picked up a number 
of these cars at shows but I've never found information confirming that the 
two-tone gray scheme made it into PC.  I know that no lighting stripe 
diesels did.
	Another question, I know that PRR and UP exchanged cars at Chicago,   the 
June 1999 page of the "Those Magnificent Trains" calendar shows a Tuscan 
Red PRR car rounding Sullivan's Curve in Cajon Pass, CA on the City of Los 
Angeles circa 1964 and of course there is the Kato PRR Armour Yellow 
"Tippecanoe Rapids" sleeping car which I bought at a show just in case it 
was prototypical (for those not in the know it is very hard to find a 
retailer that will break a set and sell you a Kato car individually), so, 
did PC and UP swap cars at Chicago?

			Nicholas G. Jourin
			ngjourin -AT- netgate.net

			Penn Central Lives!

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