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Re: PC: Passenger Train models

In my HO club, there's only one or two very infrequent passenger trains, 
while in my old NTrak club, we would have quite a few, from steam to diesel 
to modern TGV's and Bullet trains, all running together.  Most of the N 
models are ready to go and don't need assembly.  The new Kato car sets are 
great.  Concor did some (and matching PA's) in PC green some 20+ years ago.  
I don't remember the PC Passenger trains around here very well (SE Michigan), 
but the videos I've seen of the NYC trains show some to be quite long, 
especially with all the mail cars.  (Another problem in most scales is the 
lack of model head end cars...)

<< if you really want to superdetail, you need to put in a complete interior. 
Not too often done in N, but I've seen it done!  One guy's swimming pool car 
was really neat.

<< I suspect that passenger trains are rarely modeled for the same reason 
that 86' auto carriers >>
Concor makes them RTR in N and I do see these on occasion, but they're a 
little too modern for PC I believe.  I've got some HO PC ones, but nowhere to 
run them now.  Arrgh.
Accurail says they're finally shipping the auto racks.  No PC, but PRR, NYC & 
undec.  Now to dig out the PC decals.


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