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PC: Map and PC covered hopper


While talking to my manager at work whose office picture windows overlook
the CSX main north out of Nashville I spotted a PS covered hopper similar to
the 886826-887025 series in the PC color guide.  It had both the NYC logo
and PC text and worms showing through the paint quite well!  Mike stooped
and looked too (he is a railfan, that is why he has that office).  Did not
get the new reporting marks or number.

I got a PC map in the mail from my father.  It appears to be some sort of
traffic estimation map, done in blueprint form for the entire system.  It is
quite large, has dates both for 1971 and 72 on it.  Large purple worms and
text in bottom right.  He guesses that it is from some work that his company
bid on, he saved all discarded RR related materials from his old firm.  Will
look at it more later with thoughts and observations.  If anyone has a
question about it, let me know.  Being a PC fan and geographer in education,
it should be quite interesting.

Anyone on this list live in the Chicago area?  If so, drop me a line off
list please in the next day or two.  I need some places to spend money on
while I am up there for work.  (other than Des Plaines Hobbies, which is in
the building next door to the Fed-OSHA training office, so there goes lunch

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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