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PC: Passenger

Hopefully Life-Like will base their models on the Budd Prototype series. 
 Since such a wide variety of railroads used these, it would be their best 
bet.  Although I've noticed these cars did vary also in some small aspects 
of their design.  A good example is on the PC Homepage of the PC Lounge.  A 
model of that detailed would be definately embraced by me and other 
modelers.  Since PC has a wide variety of these cars from what I've seen 
they would be a perfect choice.

As for the lack of passenger train modelers.  I think that is actually very 
sad considering (in my opinion) Passenger trains can be so much more 
exciting than freight.  You can build a whole story behind them.
I was born about 7 years into the Amtrak era, so I have no idea what 
regular passenger trains were like in their Heyday, but I still find them 
most appealing.

>I don't think Life Like will eliminate the need for brass sides even if
>they start making Proto 2000 passenger cars. There was such a wide
>variation in car construction that it would be almost impossible to
>produce accurate models for a large percentage of the nation's car fleet.

The truth, very few people "model" passenger trains that I have seen in the
past two years back in the hobby.  There are a few at our meets that crack
open a Rivarossi 4-pack, but that is it.  As far as custom painted or
detailed, no.  You do see nice well detaild freigh kits, but not passenger.
My father credits this to the lack of modelers today that either rode 
frequently, or have not-fond memories of when they did.

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