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PC: Croton-Harmon

Fellow PC modelers,
    I'm in the middle of modeling the Croton NY Station complex of the early
PC years, prior to the 1973 demolition of the passenger station.   I've
completed Croton-North Sta., started the Harmon Shops, completed some of the
other buildings at Harmon and completed about 90% of the old Harmon station
as I know or can tell from photos.
   What I'm looking for are photos of the Harmon Station pre -1973, and in
particular the street level entrance just to be sure I'm doing right and to
make changes as needed.  Lower level parking lot photos would help also.
   If anyone can help, please contact me off the list so as not to clog it

P.S.  Next big problem....  1000-1100 series MU's!   What to do!?!???

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