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Re: PC: xhump power

When I hired on the PC in 74, PC used the SD38 units nose to nose on the
humps here at Conway.  It was in he early 80s when they changed over to
slugs.  Someone on the list mentioned the other day that they use to
send them on the road once in a while for a good blowout.  I seem to
remember that happening but I never seen one dispatched other then to
Altoona and then they worked back in a consist. The ones at Conway were
never equipped with toilets thats why they stayed in the yard.  I did
see one pushing on the back of a DE unit train a few years ago.  I am
not sure how far West it went but I have to believe it was to at least
Enon Valley to get up the grade past Wood.  As a side note, we sent the
3810 x6939? and slug 1105 to JBS today on train PIAT for engine rebuild.
This unit may come back in the NS paint scheme.  That will be its 3rd
set of colors.  Unit NS 5297 came to Conway today.  Last week it was
Conrail 8277.  Its a GP38-2 all dressed up in NS paint.

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