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PC: Diesel Hoppers

>The ones at Conway were
>never equipped with toilets thats why they stayed in the yard.

My late neighbor that was a passenger engineer for PRR/PC/Amtrak said it was
a cardinal sin to use the hopper in the nose of an E-8.  He told my father
that on hot days (like this coming weekend) the best thing to do was to run
with the doors up front open for "ac".  Even with the door shut, there was
enough drafts in the nose that the smell would woft into the cab.  "So what
do you do then?" you ask, the trick was  at night one could "engage in #1"
out of the side door at speed.  He went from Columbus to Indy, (National
Limited) so there were plenty of remote areas to do such deeds.

Garrett Rea

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