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Re: PC: Re: Re: Passenger Decals

>I don't think Life Like will eliminate the need for brass sides even if
>they start making Proto 2000 passenger cars. There was such a wide
>variation in car construction that it would be almost impossible to
>produce accurate models for a large percentage of the nation's car fleet.

The vendor that told me this said this was the problem P2K ran into, so many
varriations of cars.  Like I said this is all rumor, if anyone knows more,
please, let me know either way.

>Still, if Life Like produces passenger cars with anything approaching the
>accuracy of their locomotives they would revolutionize the market.


Same for Accurail, InterMountain, Red Cabose, etc.   There was a group on
the net called The Limited that was going to do high quality passenger cars
in plastic but only seem to do opinion poles.

The truth, very few people "model" passenger trains that I have seen in the
past two years back in the hobby.  There are a few at our meets that crack
open a Rivarossi 4-pack, but that is it.  As far as custom painted or
detailed, no.  You do see nice well detaild freigh kits, but not passenger.
My father credits this to the lack of modelers today that either rode trains
frequently, or have not-fond memories of when they did.

Me, Amtrak came one year before I did, but I still like passenger stuff.

Garrett Rea

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