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Re: PC: Re: Re: Passenger Decals

>    I'd be happy to see P2K do a passenger car even at $50.   Still 
> better
> than brass prices!  

$50 for a ready to run, accurate car would be a deal. Even a set of sides
and a core car can run more than this.

I don't think Life Like will eliminate the need for brass sides even if
they start making Proto 2000 passenger cars. There was such a wide
variation in car construction that it would be almost impossible to
produce accurate models for a large percentage of the nation's car fleet.
(I've seen cars of the same type produced for the same road by the same
builder during the same time period that varied widely.)

Still, if Life Like produces passenger cars with anything approaching the
accuracy of their locomotives they would revolutionize the market.

Bryan Turner

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