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PC: Re: Re: Passenger Decals

   Actually you could get away with PC E units on freight or mail, however
I'm with you about passenger cars.  We need some decent cars on the market.
The IHC Budd Cars are O.K. but the number boards are too long for coaches
and diners and the panel above the windows should be corrugated with a
smooth "name board",(something I've corrected with styrene.)   The new PC
IHC Pullman cars are all wrong.   Even though not PC prototypes, I would
have purchased some if the paint scheme was accurate.  It's just as easy to
do it right as it is wrong!  They'll probably wonder why they don't sell and
never do another PC model!
   I contacted Athearn about a series of prototype length pass. cars however
they have no interest at this time.
   I'd be happy to see P2K do a passenger car even at $50.   Still better
than brass prices!   I think they would make the effort to compliment their
E units nicely.   It would be even nicer to do a PC and predecessor


Garrett wrote:

>With the P2K e-units, I thought that more passenger cars would come on the
>market (what you get when you ass-ume), but at least decals??  Who is
>all of these E-6/7/8/9s and what are they pulling with them, freight
>Anyone else hear the recent rumor about Proto 2000 selling smoothside and
>corrugated passenger cars?  Will be expensive ($50+ a pop retail) if done I
>was told.  Any truth to this one?

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