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PC: Re: Re: Conrail's Final Hour

CR was no PC. They did much to ruin the system. Most forgot CR was like
Amtrak, owned and operated by the govenment. PC was the best railroad ever
but mismanageed by PRR executives who thought they were still running PRR
than PC much like DLW's William White who thought EL was still his DL&W.
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Sent: Monday, May 31, 1999 11:30 PM
Subject: PC: Re: Conrail's Final Hour

>          Hey all you Penn Central guys,
>              It's the final hour of our beloved Conrail.
>       It has been coined the "Blue" Penn Central,
>       and the "Big Blue". We will always remember Conrail coming out of
> the ashes of the Penn Central and all the other bankrupt northeastern
> railroads back in 1976. In the beginning, Conrail had struggled
> financially but soon became a strong profitle railroad.
>             Although many cars were painted into the Conrail scheme,
> Conrail still gave us a variety of cars still in their original paint
> schemes with the likes of PC, EL, RDG and PRR up to now. Although the
> cars painted NYC, B&A, PCA, PCB, ERIE and others have since vanished
> into Conrail re-paints.
>            Conrail held it's own over the last 23 years, now it's time
> to say goodbye to an old friend.
>             We'll miss you CONRAIL!!!!!
>                      CONRAIL
>                      1976-1999
>      CONRAIL is now  "un-CONRAIL" or
>       un-Consolidated-Rail
>  Ken R JR


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