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PC: Re: NYC Coil Cars

In a message dated 5/28/99 9:34:10 PM EST, lnrr -AT- juno.com writes:

> Did NYC have covered coil steel cars?

As I remember, there were a number still in NYC paint in the PC days here 
between Detroit & Chicago.  They would go east as coils, and go west as 
Fords, etc.  Still do quite a bit actually, it'll be interesting to see what 
changes NS will make.

>From the 1966 ORER:

Flat cars for coiled steel with covers:
481238-481387, 481450-481549, 481600-481699, 481700-481799
Flats with cushion underframe: 752000-752099

Gondolas (50' range) for coils with covers:
748100-748199, 749030-749115, 749141-749175, 749176-749225, 749233-749432, 
749517-749518, 749602-749651, 749750-749799, 749800-749899, 749900-749999


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