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Re: PC: Trailer Reporting marks & Flexi-Van

Garrett Rea wrote:
> Gents:
> Why did some of the PC trailers have NYCU marks and others PCZ marks?  In
> the PC color guide it shows trailers and containers with both marks.
> Anything to do with previous owners, taxes, etc...
> Flexi-vans, someone on this list told me that a brass Flexi-Van was made a
> while back, who was the importer?  Has anyone tried to scratchbuild one of
> these cars?  There was a Quality Craft kit as well, but I have been told
> that it is not that good, and it seems to be unobtainable.   How many other
> roads had these, I know CB&Q, NYC and IC, but I am sure there were others.
> Garrett Rea


	I think SAL had 2. 


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