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PC: PC Boxcar Spotted

This evening I saw a PC hi-cube boxcar heading south on CSX, just north
of Athens, Alabama about an hour before sunset. It was apparent that all
PC lettering had been covered with green paint, but the covering was not
well applied and had all faded off, revealing "Penn Central" and the
worms! Because of obstructions, I was not able to catch the reporting
marks so I don't know if it is now PC or CR (or NYC!).

On the same train I also saw a Reading rib-side covered hopper with the
original lettering intact, but with new NYC reporting marks.

Also today, I saw a CR hi-cube that had a PC green replacement door!

Did NYC have covered coil steel cars? I saw one of these cars Sunday on
an NS freight in Huntsville, Alabama. All of the original reporting mark
and road lettering was gone, but from the remaining lettering and green
paint I think it was an NYC (old, not CSX) car. It could have been PC,
but looked more NYC.

Bryan Turner

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