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Re: PC:Re:Conrail Split

On Mon, 24 May 1999, Kenneth Roble, Jr. wrote:

>           According to the TRAINS magazine newswire, NS' lines are
>Pennsylvania Lines LLC a wholly owned subsiderary of Conrail and units
>going to NS will be sublettered "PRR". Units going to CSX will be
>sublettered "CSXT" and rolling stock will be leased to CSX with NYC
>reporting marks. All former Conrail lines going to CSX are NYC Lines
>LLC. All freight cars not re-lettered NYC will go to NS retaining their
>reporting marks and paint scheme.
>  My question is, will CSX and NS actually own the former Conrail lines
>and assets? Or is this some big lease agreement? And what does LLC stand

The answers you are seeking are 

1. Yes

2. Limited Liability Corporation...for a definition of what that means I
dont know...but at least I know what it stands for.  It is a special
corporation type.  I know, I know not really an answer but ya did ask what
does LLC stand for. ;-)

> Ken R JR

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