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Re: PC: New Athearn GP-38-2

In a message dated 5/22/99 1:05:06 PM EST, ERIE=LACKAWANNA -AT- prodigy.net writes:

> As for GRS, only GP40-2's 300-316 have the newer grill cover
>  having been the last new engines purchased by B&M before GRS and today are
>  GRS's only "Dash-2" models
>  Jerome

GRS returned the GP40-2's to the lessor some years back, so there aren't
any GRS units w/ factory applied corrugated grilles anymore. As I said at
least one of the xNS GP40's has both. GRS bought some GP40's from Conrail 
that reside in the #300-380 series along w/ some ex NS highnose GP40's and 
what was left of the CR GP40 purchases of the mid 80's; the 80's era units are
carrying B&M marks; the more recent purchases are MEC units. But they all 
wear GRS "Death Star" gray and orange paint.

!!Obligatory PC Content!!

The ex Conrail GP40's are former NYC, PC and EMD warranty loaner units...

!!End of Obligatory PC Content!!

Have a good 'un,


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