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Re: PC: PC GP-9 Modelling (HO)

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Date sent:      	Mon, 17 May 1999 09:09:06 -0400
Subject:        	PC: PC GP-9 Modelling (HO)
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I purchased two body shells this past year. They are the former 
Front Range shells. They come with a insert for either a dymanic 
brake or not in the middle of the roof. I mounted mine over Life Like 
GP-18 drives that where milled down to fit inside the shells. The 
detail is good and they do not have molded on grab irons and the 
like. You have to install your own.
BN Bob

> I saw an ad for a "Trains Unlimited" GP-9 body shell. I would like to model
> some of the GP-9s in the 7530-7559 and 7270-7298 series. Does anyone have
> any experience with this kit? Many thanks!
> Ed

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