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PC: SD-40 handbrake


EMD, models made after 2/69 had the handbrake located on the fireman's
>side of the short hood.

Hmmmm, then why do the SD 40s bought new by PC (6240-6284)  built 12/70 to
1/71 have no handbrake on the nose (short hood)?

The ex-PRR ones have it on the nose (2-3/66, 6040-6104).  Pre production SD
40s (434- ones) had it on the nose as well, same as SD 35.

Most all SD45s bought by the PRR had them on the rear- any exceptions?

I am well versed in SD specs this weekend, I just finished my Rail Power
Products SD 40, now to paint, decal and instal decoder.  Starting SD45
tonite, hope it does not take six months like the SD40 did.....


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