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PC: Fw: Fw: Penn Central tape

Here is some more information on the Penn Central tape thats advertised
in Vintage Rails.
> From: Steve Bransfield <steve.branfield -AT- snet.net>
> To: Countryman, Kelly <kelkel -AT- torchlake.com>
> Subject: Re: Fw: Penn Central tape

> Date: Saturday, May 15, 1999 6:04 PM
>  Kelly, the "Western Railway of Mass." was one of the two original
> charters that eventually merged to form the "Boston & Albany". The other
> was the "Boston & Worcester". The sequence then goes: NYC, PC, CR
> andnow, alas, CSX. The Western cut the route through the Berkshire Hills
> of western Mass, engineered by George Washington Whistler ("Whistler's
> Father").Our first program (BA-1) covers the B&A fron the mid-thirties
> to Conrail in the early'90's. BA-2. about which you have enquired, is
> all PC black in the early '70's with early CR (still all black) from
> Post Road Crossing in NY to North Grafton, MA., just about the original
> extent of the "Western Ry.".
> The film for the PC tape came from Bruce Malone who has been a
> railroader on the "Western" in the employ of CR.
> Thanks for your inquiry.
> Phil Johnson

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