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PC: Tiger Valley Models

In response to recent interest in Tiger Valley Model locomotives, I have
received permission from the author to repost this message that originally
appeared on the railspot mailing list.

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From: Andrew Harmantas <frisco484 -AT- hotmail.com>
To: FrodisTx -AT- aol.com <FrodisTx@aol.com>; railspot@railspot.com
<railspot -AT- railspot.com>
Date: Thursday, May 13, 1999 9:42 AM
Subject: Re: RS: Model C628 question.........

>I am the proud owner of a few Tiger Valley Models locomotives.  They are
>fine products.  You gotta do some fitting and assembling, and that is
>critical to how good they look and how well they run.  These are kits in
>true sense of the word.  The drive is unique, and runs slower than Athearn.
>I don't know if it will MU with other drives (from other manufacturers),
>I suppose if the gearing is close, they ought to.  To me, one of the joys
>these Tiger Valley kits is in the assembly.  These are real hogs, and will
>out-do your best-tuned Hobbytown drives, fer sure.
>Andrew Harmantas, Artist, Illustrator, World Traveler, Lecturer, and Bum

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