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PC: Fw: FarbLand -AT- aol.com: [PRR] PRR F7b's


Can someone help this person?  This is from the PRR list, so mail him (it)
directly, not me or the PC list please.


>--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
>From: FarbLand -AT- aol.com
>To: PRR-Talk <PRR-Talk -AT- dsop.com>
>Subject: [PRR] PRR F7b's
>Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 17:32:58 EDT
>Message-ID: <b45fdcba.2464b60a -AT- aol.com>
>Can anyone tell me which PRR F7 B units made it too PC and if any of them
>were Phase IIb. Numbers and reference for photos in PC Paint would be
>appreciated. I know this isn't strictly PRR but they were originally.
>Brian C

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