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PC: RE: GG1 bell available for trade

I've been told that PC had china by 2 different people. One claims to have
some in his collection . A second rode the Broadway Limited in 1969 &
remembers all PC stuff on the table (china, hollowware, menu holder) on the
way out. On his return trip, it was all PRR. So apparently they did have
some, but not much. I have a PC single serving coffee pot made by Victor
silver. So the hollowware is a definite. China I have yet to see personally.

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> Subject: PC: GG1 bell available for trade
> Gary Farmer wrote:
> >I am willing to trade it for Penn Central china or silver hollowware.
>  I
> >would also consider trading for PC signs.
> >Thanks!
> >Gary
> Did PC even have china? Info I've seen recently seems to indicate
> that they did not.
> I'd hate to have to pay shipping charges on that bell!
> Peter King in NY

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