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PC: RS-3 rebuild/Dewitt Geep -Reply

>>> "Price" <eprice -AT- skantech.net> 05/05/99 01:47pm >>>
Hi Gang,
  Any one ever "bash" a Dewitt Geep.  I'm thinking about undertaking this
project and could use some suggestions.  Didn't someone make a shell
this back in the late '80s?  I think it was designed to fit an atlas model.

Yes, I built one some time ago utilizing the Atlas model.  I did the bulky
raised hood version, not the lower version that was featured in an RMC
Conrail  conversion article (I forget the date).  After I was done, also
corresponded with a fellow who then produced plastic castings that
fit on the shell.  Still have 2 samples he sent.

Lots of info on the origins and renumbering of these units have
appeared, but usually in small pieces. For an accurate  model,
you MUST work off of a photo, as louvers, details, and even the
slope of the raised hood varied from unit to unit.  A good model 
representing this class could certainly be built with less attention to
the details. 

My inspiration came from catching a funeral train of these oddballs by
chance one night headed east on the Lehigh Line (NJ).
Later took photos of them at the scrapper.


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