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PC: PC F3 -Reply

Ed Price wrote:
Hi all,
  1408 was the only ex-PRR F3 with chicken wire to make it into the
merger.  Several phase IV units made it into the merger.  These can
easily be spotted by their small number boards.  Most of these units
were re-built to F7 standards.

I would just like to add some information to Mr. Price's answer.

Comparing and extrapolating from Extra 2200 South, Pennsy Power II,
and Penn Central Power I have developed the following information
which may be subject to error.  

PRR fielded a total of 82 F3's of both the "Chicken Wire" variety and
the "Phase IV" variety.

Of these, 26 were assigned numbers in the 1400-1425 series in the PC
numbering system of 1966 right after the merger was approved.

Of the 26 selected for renumbering, 17 were actually re# by PRR and
nine were retired prior to being re# in the period leading up to 1968.

Of the 17 that were re# by PRR, 9 were retired by PRR prior to 02/01/68
(PC day).

So, that leaves 8 F3's that made it to PC including the aformentioned 1408
as the only "Chicken Wire" F3.  (I have the "Chicken Wire unit as 1410 but
am away from sources so I cannot double check now.)  The others
were (PRR/PC) 1403, 1410, 1416, 1419, 1420, 1422, and 1423.  At least
a few actually operated for PC but none were repainted. 

Mr. Price continues:
Some ex NYC units with chicken wire made it into the merger.

1617.....retired 4/68
1619.....retired 12/68
1633.....retired ????, a buddy of mine said extra 2200 south still has this
unit on the roster in 70.  Can anyone confirm this?
1635.....retired 4/68

According to Extra 2200 South, the 1633 was spotted at Pielet Bros.
(EMD's scrapper), McCook, IL on 07/21/69 after being used as trade in

Hope this helps
Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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