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PC: Maybrook

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Subject:        	(erielack) Maybrook
The following is from another group that I belong to about the PC
interchange at Maybrook, NY. Thought that some on the PC list
would find the car routings of interest. I know that I did.
Bob Stafford

The Maybrook discussion led me to pull out some PC Maybrook interchange
documents from 1971, covering westbound-only movements.

By '71 there were 4 PC road trains thru Maybrook daily:
NE97 to the EL.
NE74 from the EL.
NO3 to the L&H.
CB2 from the L&H.

I looked at documents for the 10-5 through 10-24-71 period, so my observations
are based on movements during those 20 days.

NO3 generally departed Cedar Hill before midnight, with NE97 following about 3
to 4 hours later.  A sample of Maybrook arrival times and car counts- note the
L&H got far more traffic than the EL:

10-11-71 NO3 91 cars 0610; NE97 29 cars 0920.
10-12-71 NO3 77 cars 0600; NE97 21 cars 0940.
10-13-71 NO3 82 cars 0050; NE97 64 cars 0955.
10-14-71 NO3 100 cars 0605; NE97 53 cars 1025.
10-15-71 NO3 114 cars 0705; NE97 42 cars 0810.
10-16-71 NO3 109 cars 0625; NE97 86 cars 1010.
10-17-71 NO3 79 cars 0400; NE97 52 cars 0830.

Median NO3 91 cars 0605; NE97 52 cars 0940.

The waybill info is very interesting.  NE97 consist was overwhelmingly cars
coming from PC/NH points in New England; very little overhead traffic. 
10-9-71's NE97 showed the following car origins:

NE97 total: 72 cars.
PC customers: 67 cars.
Overhead from CV New London CT: 2 cars.
Overhead from B&M Ware MA:3 cars (Ware was a B&M/NH interchange; the actual
routing of these may have been Worcester or Springfield).

NE97's 72 cars were destined as follows:
Buffalo N&W 13 cars.
Buffalo C&O 1 car.
Buffalo local 1 car.
Chicago BN 8 cars.
Chicago C&EI 5 cars.
Chicago ATSF 2 cars.
Chicago IC 1 car.
Chicago CNW 1 car.
Chicago CRIP 1 car.
Chicago BRC 1 car.
Chicago local 1 car.
Rochester PC 1 car.
Syracuse PC 1 car.
Syracuse local 1 car.
??? B&O 2 cars.
Mahwah Ford 15 cars (empty racks).
Croxton local 7 cars.
Marion local 1 car.
Olean local 1 car.
South Dayton local 1 car.
Honesdale local 2 cars.
Home road 5 cars (empty EL cars delivered to EL).

Interchanged to other carriers 37 cars.
Destined to EL points 30 cars.
Empty EL cars returned 5 cars.

The L&H traffic on NO3 was almost the opposite- mostly overhead traffic. 
Origins of 10-5-71's NO3's 48 cars:

18 cars from B&M Springfield.
17 cars from CV New London.
5 cars from B&M Worcester.
1 car from PC Chicago area.
7 cars from PC New England area.

Destinations of 10-7-71's NO3's 128 cars:

Phillipsburg PC-Potomac Yard block 45 cars.
Phillipsburg PC 7 cars.
CNJ-RDG 31 cars.
CNJ 7 cars.
CNJ-LNE 5 cars.
LV 25 cars.
Maybrook EL 1 car.
Maybrook PC locals 7 cars.

Some odd routings appear.  On 10-10-71 NO3 had a car destined for the M&E in
Whippany routed L&H-Andover-EL, another one for the EL in Clarks Summit routed
the same way, and an EL Northumberland car L&H-Port Morris-EL.  These are old
NH-DL&W routings still being waybilled 10 years after the DL-Erie merger.

Motive power on NE97 and NE74 was 3 6-axle units, usually 1 EL and 2 PC.  Some
solid EL lashups appear, but no solid PC lashups.  Power often the same, day-in
and day-out, running a dedicated Port Jervis-Cedar Hill pool.

10-11 3618-3629-3657, caboose C351.
10-12 3307-PC6563-PC6509.
10-13 3307-PC6563-PC6509, caboose C351.
10-14 3307-PC6563-PC6544, caboose PC23038.
10-15 3307-PC6563-PC6544, caboose C351.
10-16 3307-PC6563-PC6544, caboose PC 23038.
10-17 3602-PC6563-PC6544.

In comparison to just 5 years earlier, 1966, in '71 Maybrook was seeing 2
westbound trains totalling about 143 cars each day; in '66 there were 7
westbounds totalling about 555 cars each day, including a fair amount of TOFC
traffic which was gone by '71.

Al Tillotson

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