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Re: PC: PC Stock Certificates

George Alberti wrote:
> On the PC home page there is a article about how you can cash in PC
> stock for shares in American Premier Underwriters stock. That still
> doesn't answer the question of what happened to all of the thousands of
> PC stock certificates that were issued. At most any train show, I can
> find stock certificates for many different railroads; merged roads,
> bankrupts, out of business, all cancelled of course. I get different
> auction catalogs listing RR stock certificates but yet I have never came
> across a PC stock certificate listed. The closest thing I have is a
> 7.05% certificate for $25,000 that was never issued but punched
> cancelled backed by the Dept. of Transporation and issued by the
> Trustees of the PC. I could be wrong but I just can't believe that all
> of them have been destroyed. Even in bankruptcy the stock continued to
> be sold on the NYSE. Does anyone have any cancelled PC stock
> certificates?
> George Alberti

I have a certificate for 100 shares of Penn Central Company common
stock. I have others also, mostly eastern roads that I plan to frame and
hang on the wall in the train room.

David Campbell
Norton, VA

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