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PC: [PRR] FW: [D] Pennsy-Penn Central F units

This was off of the PRR mail list, can anyone help Messers Maddox & Sillato?


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>From: "Doug Maddox" <maddoxdy -AT- enter.net>
>To: "PRR Talk" <prr-talk -AT- dsop.com>
>Cc: <ssillato -AT- gcfn.org>
>Subject: [PRR] FW: [D] Pennsy-Penn Central F units
>Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 08:19:27 -0400
><000201be9303$b0ea90a0$2d74888b -AT- uptwd9714104.up.us.sbphrd.com>
>Can anybody help here? This was posted on the diesel list.
>maddoxdy -AT- enter.net
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>> From: Diesel Modelers Mailing List [mailto:dlist@hhcustom.com] On
>> Of S C Sillato
>> Sent: 29-Apr-1999 17:39
>> To: Diesel Modelers Mailing List
>> Subject: [D] Pennsy-Penn Central F units
>> OK, Pennsy and PC fans, I need some help.  Did Pennsy have any phase 2
>> fan F-3's w/o dynamic brakes and did any of them make it to Penn
>> If so, what numbers?(PC)
>> TIA,
>> Steve Sillato  NYC, LV, GBW & ALCo fan
>> Forty is the old age of youth, fifty the youth of old age.

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