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Re: PC: off-topic

> From:          "Bill K." <pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com>
> To:            <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
> Subject:       PC: off-topic
> Date:          Fri, 30 Apr 1999 00:09:53 -0400
> Reply-to:      penn-central -AT- smellycat.com

> Isn't someone on this list from around Anderson IN? I can't remember who it
> is, but drop me a note if you owuld - thanks -
> Bill K.

	At your service. I live in Anderson and am a quarter block from
	the CR number one main and a quarter block from where the
	Dow leaves the number one main. Lots of traffic still moving
	until June 1st. And where the PC symbol is enshrined in the
	concrete of a railroad bridge.


Roger Hensley - 
   00rphensley -AT- bsuvc.bsu.edu - rhensley@anderson.cioe.com
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