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PC: Re: "Penn Central Spectacular!"


I agree, the text was like "tell me something I don't already know"! But the
pictures made up for it. Plus being on the short end of the stick for so
long, its nice to see a cover story done with PC Alco's on the cover! Also
ther are PC photos in the magazine that are not part of the article.All I
can say is gimme more!

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From: Gary Farmer <GARY -AT- MSSINC.COM>
To: PC list <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
Date: Monday, April 26, 1999 12:19 PM
Subject: PC: "Penn Central Spectacular!"

>Hi everyone,
>Well I picked up a copy of The Railroad Press this weekend with the PC
>article in it. Thanks to whoever brought this to the list in the first
>because I would not have known about it otherwise.
>My 2 cents: Very good pictures, but I was disappointed by the text. The
>author gave the familiar refrain of what a loser the PC was, etc, etc...
>part that really bothered me was in the first sentence, where he referred
>the "uninspired mating worms logo". The next time they do an article, if
>they're going to call it a "spectacular", I hope that they get someone to
>write it who actually liked Penn Central! I happen to think that the PC
>is the greatest! Also, instead of tearing the PC down, why not focus on the
>things they did right? Start with the dedicated people. Even with low
>morale, etc. they kept the thing going against all odds. In addition, the
>Metroliners were a great success. They also won the 1973 Golden Freight Car
>Award for Marketing for crying out loud! Someone must have been doing
>something right! How about some other PC successes? These are 3 right off
>the top of my head...
>Gary Farmer

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