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PC: "Penn Central Spectacular!"

Hi everyone,
Well I picked up a copy of The Railroad Press this weekend with the PC
article in it. Thanks to whoever brought this to the list in the first place
because I would not have known about it otherwise.
My 2 cents: Very good pictures, but I was disappointed by the text. The
author gave the familiar refrain of what a loser the PC was, etc, etc... The
part that really bothered me was in the first sentence, where he referred to
the "uninspired mating worms logo". The next time they do an article, if
they're going to call it a "spectacular", I hope that they get someone to
write it who actually liked Penn Central! I happen to think that the PC logo
is the greatest! Also, instead of tearing the PC down, why not focus on the
things they did right? Start with the dedicated people. Even with low
morale, etc. they kept the thing going against all odds. In addition, the
Metroliners were a great success. They also won the 1973 Golden Freight Car
Award for Marketing for crying out loud! Someone must have been doing
something right! How about some other PC successes? These are 3 right off
the top of my head...
Gary Farmer

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