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Thought some of you might be interested in this info...

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From:	Champion Decal Co. [mailto:champ@minot.com]
Sent:	Wednesday, April 21, 1999 11:42 PM
To:	Jim Gehrett
Subject:	PENN CENTRAL Hy-Cube

Jim Gehrett wrote:
> Hi,
> With the new Walthers HO scale 86' Pullman Hi Cube out now, is there any
> chance that you will be doing the following set on HO scale?
> Hi-Cube - 86' auto parts car, original jumbo PC emblem. HO Not Available,
> order OB-390 for O Scale
> Thanks.
> Jim Gehrett

Hi Jim-
Yes, most of the PC sets were discontinued due to lack of sales not
practical for reprints, especially as for some 13-14 years we using a
different type of    poly plates, which are costly, and we can not feasibly
run less than 300 sets in anything in our line.
In just the last few months, we have procured color printer with which we
can print solid white, metallic gold and silver and other colors done by
color process which causes some probelms for certain colors. The set you
wish fits well into the capabilities, but we could not digitize all the
lettering this set comprises, without getting alot more than our old price
of $2.20, which is pretty cheap for the work we had to do for the set.  Take
a look at what we can offer below, and as we do not know all our consumable
and labor costs, we are still on SHAKE DOWN CRUISE like we say.  We have
basically done "O" so far, and have some idea on those costs, and the
smaller HO sets really don't cost us any less (sometimes more due to fine
work we TRY TO make legible) except for a bit less of our custom made decal
paper, which has shelf life of 20 years and on up.  Since Herald Kin plain
quit, we have several requests to reprint our HO line of all PC sets we once
made, and if enuf can send in their orders for their desires in HO and O
Scale, using the old Champ catalog nos., we could do them hopefully for
possibly $11.00 per set in 3-5 quantities, but hopefully we could down to
about 2X our BRH prices of $4.40 effective Sept 1, 1996!!
So get your friends in PC modeling to hear about this all, and send us
orders with Visa or MC (if you don't want to do on email, can be faxed to
us, or with email, we have a few that have sent us part of their number on
one e-mail, another with  few numbers plus the Exp. date, which should
prevent anyone from       seeing it in useable form.
Champ is now printing custom & short run decals with their new Alps printer.
This printer allows us to print a minimum of three of any previous Champ
set. This is great news to those modelers who cannot find certain decals
anymore. These decals will be referred to as Champ's Re-Prints.
The cost of these sets will depend on various factors, but the majority will
be around $11.00 per set. We have devised a few techniques to get the best
quality possible with this printer, so there may be certain sets that will
cost more per set because of this. Larger quantities may qualify for a
discount per set. If interested, give us the catalog number and quantity
needed, and we can quote you a price.
We normally print our decals on a letterpress, with specially mixed inks.
This new Alps printer prints in process color, which means that colors such
as Dulux Gold will actually consist of small dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
and Black. At normal viewing distance, it is not noticeable, but very
close-up you will be able to see the dots. Colors such as White, Black,
Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold are printed solid.
We have tested these decals in many ways and the only problem we have found
is that anything with a hard edge will scratch the image area. You will need
to be careful until the decal is applied to the model and sprayed with your
usual overcoat.
Other than these two points, these are excellent decals that we are very
proud of. Modelers will get Champ quality artwork and printing expertise for
those hard-to-find decals.

Champion Decal Company
PO Box 1178, Minot, ND 58702
701-852-4938 *  fax 701-852-9429

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