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PC: thanks and goodbye

I'd like to thank everyone on these lists for their willingness to help in
both the railfanning and modelling ends of the "railroad buff" world.  

I learned a lot from the people on these lists.  (Un)fortunately, I'm
starting my new job on Monday and probably won't be able to get access to
the web/internet for some time.  

Thanks to everyone I got to know over these lists.  If anyone would like a
way to contact me, please email me by Friday afternoon, 4:00pm, so that I
can send you my phone number and/or mailing address.

Ben Russell  
Staff Scientist 
E-mail: brussell -AT- say.acnatsci.org 
Patrick Center for Environmental Research 	
The Academy of Natural Sciences			
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway			
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195
work phone: 215-299-1087
work fax: 215-299-1079

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