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PC: Great PC Article

Hi all,

I just picked up my mail, and in it was my order of the April/May/June
issue of The Railroad Press. This is a railfan photography magazine
dedicated to great photos. When I opened the package I got a shock! On
the front page was a full page photo of a PC hopper train led by a
C636!  Accross the page are the word PENN CENTRAL SPECTACULAR! 

That's just what it is! A fifteen page article on the PC by Vince Reh. I
would not have believed it if I wasn't holding one in my hand. This is a
must have for PC fans. Great photos and a nice article. Theres even a
box with "Ten reasons that PC was a cool railroad". #10 is: Operated a
fleet of more than 450 Alcos! 


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