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PC: Re: Private Rail Siding


Did thid siding also have a high level platform and run through or was it a
stib end?

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From: MR PETER A KING <BGXX32A -AT- prodigy.com>
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Sent: Sunday, April 18, 1999 6:22 PM
Subject: PC: Private Rail Siding

> Fred, The tracks of Grand Central Terminal (not Station, which is a
> subway stop) go right under the Waldorf. The Waldorf did indeed have
> it's own private siding, although officially it was one of the
> terminal's tracks. It could be used by any visiting dignitary who had
> a private rail car. According to an article in Trains magazine, it
> was last used in the late '60s for an Andy Warhol party.
> I imagine the siding is still there, but I doubt it will be used
> again for its original purpose.
> Peter King in NY

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