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PC: PC Stock Certificates

On the PC home page there is a article about how you can cash in PC
stock for shares in American Premier Underwriters stock. That still
doesn't answer the question of what happened to all of the thousands of
PC stock certificates that were issued. At most any train show, I can
find stock certificates for many different railroads; merged roads,
bankrupts, out of business, all cancelled of course. I get different
auction catalogs listing RR stock certificates but yet I have never came
across a PC stock certificate listed. The closest thing I have is a
7.05% certificate for $25,000 that was never issued but punched
cancelled backed by the Dept. of Transporation and issued by the
Trustees of the PC. I could be wrong but I just can't believe that all
of them have been destroyed. Even in bankruptcy the stock continued to
be sold on the NYSE. Does anyone have any cancelled PC stock
George Alberti 

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