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PC: Re: Car Cleaning Solutions

It was something like Plexiglass or Lexan. Didn't take well to cleaning
solutions is an understatement. Some of the windows look like the
acid-etched glass that was used in office doors in the old days!

Coach 6082 is currently in service at NARM with new glazing. 6090 is
getting new glazing so it can eventually be placed into service. 6072 may
not be placed into service for quite a while, so if you're in the
Huntsville, Alabama area you can see how bad the solutions affected the
windows; 6072 will be the car that still has Amtrak lettering.

All of the Pennsy Budd coaches came to the North Alabama Railroad Museum
to Amtrak, who received them from Penn Central.

Bryan Turner

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On Tue, 13 Apr 1999 20:01:30 -0000 "Garrett Rea"
<Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net> writes:
>Didn't Amtrak use lexan or some other non-glass for windows that did 
>take well to cleaning solutions also?
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>Subject: PC: Car Cleaning Solutions
>>Many of windows on the Budd cars in Huntsville, Alabama were all 
>>because of the action of cleaning solutions. This is not the moisture 
>>double pane problem; the strong solutions used actually etched the
>>outside of the windows. Some now appear frosted, like the windows 
>used in
>>passenger car toilets.
>>Bryan Turner

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