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PC: Re: Re: 1100 & Washboards

Hello gang,
   I'm not exactly sure where the question below is directed, but I have
photos of a few ex NH Washboards and PC 1100 series MU's in service as
locomotive hauled coaches on The Hudson Line between 1981 and 1983.  The
"pans" are removed from the 4400's.   At this same time were coaches from
everywhere being used in what must have been a car shortage.  Coaches I
photographed were ex Amtrak,  SEPTA, and SEMTA (Michigan).   All were in
service on Hudson Line trains.
   I agree that the 1100's and 4400's were probably not really "converted'
but rather used for a short period because they had wheels, seats, and the
lights worked!
   At this time also were several coaches still in faded PC paint.


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>The PC 1100's and 4400's were not converted to  coaches
Do you have any photos of
>these 1100's and 4400's to back up your statement?

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