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Re: PC: 1100 & Washboards

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> Thank you for correcting my mistake. I got aluminum and stainless steel confused. 
Not being in the mechanical department, but the operating 
department I do make these mistakes sometimes. I have seen 
cars on the RIP Track with the sides removed the the steel framing 
being reduced to about 1/2 its orgianal thickness due to corression 
from the traped moisture. Sure is amazing how much steel is 
rusted away.
Bob Stafford
> 1) Budd held the patent for Shotwelding stainless steel, not aluminum.
> 2) The stainless fluting on the sides of Budd cars and cars of other
> manufacturers is held on by clips. There is no insulation between the
> fluting and the car shell. The insulation resides between the exterior wall
> (car shell) and the interior walls.
> 3) There is no chemical reaction between stainless steel and steel.
> Stainless-sheathed cars made by Pullman and others rusted solely because of
> trapped moisture. High pressure car washers made matters worse by forcing
> water and possibly caustic cleaning solutions into the cavities between the
> sheathing and steel sides. Cars that looked great on the outside, were
> self-destructing, sight-unseen. Many railroads had no choice but to
> permanently strip off the stainless fluting and rebuild the car sides. In
> severe cases, cars were scrapped.

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